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  •  制果机械用旋涡气泵使用问题
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The use of whirlpool pump for fruit machinery:


When pressure and flow rate decrease, first cut off the power supply of the vortex air pump, check whether there is something clogging in the intake port, check the inlet filter net, but do not dismantle the filter screen, otherwise, you will suck the sundries into the air pump and cause damage. Secondly, if it is found that the inside of the machine has sundries, it causes the rubber skin to withstand the current and cause the electromagnetic non recovery position.


If the noise is too large, the normal work should check whether there is any debris in the vortex pump. If it is, then open the case and clean up the internal impurities. Secondly, check whether the impeller is stuck. At this time, it is best to contact the manufacturer for repair, and then need to reassemble to remove the trouble. Third check whether the bearing is damaged or replacement parts when necessary.2-1F914132H0.png


The high temperature will cause the vortex air pump to not operate normally, check whether the intake port is blocked or not, clean the intake filter net, but it cannot be removed, otherwise, it will suck into the debris, damage the air pump, screen printing and phototypesetting machine and other mechanical equipment that needs suction. Please keep the working time gap of the pump properly. Second, check the body in the body, open the outer shell, clean up the internal debris.


The use and maintenance of the whirlpool pump for fruit making machinery:


1. Check the components of the vortex gas pump regularly.


2, in the work encountered problems in time to ask professional personnel to check the operation.


3, replace the damaged parts, should not work as usual, and should not be damaged.


4, operate in the right way in the work.


5, maintenance should have certain periodicity.