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  • 漩涡风机的发展历程
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In order to meet the needs of industry for fluid control and pneumatic components,


Early in Germany, Japan and the United States has a simple high-pressure centrifugal fan, then called centrifugal pump.


With the progress and development of the times, people are not satisfied with the pressure and air volume requirements of the centrifugal pump, and the noise of the centrifugal pump has become more and more headaches in the factory. Therefore, Japan first launched the fully enclosed side flow fan, which is the prototype of the vortex fan today. This machine with its fine appearance and noise, for the first time to meet the demand for high pressure fan of the society at that time.


Later, the fan has been upgraded to one, double, three section of the high pressure fan, whirlwind fan quickly set off the wind turbine environmental climax in China, with its abundant funds and technology, reasonable product price, perfect after-sales service system, won the trust of many domestic and foreign enterprises. For a large number of large enterprises to specify supplies.