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  • 微型隔膜泵吸力不足?看看这个吧
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For example, when a company's maintenance department has just received the pump, when the pump is opened, the diaphragm, the valve plate and the pump chamber are filled with granular impurities, so that the pump is almost completely free of force at the time; and after doing simple cleaning, or replacing some necessary components (this is a very small number of cases), it is re recovered. Vitality.



How did these failures happen?


Improper operation


1) when the filter funnel is installed, the outlet of the funnel is close to the vacuum interface, which causes some filtrate to be inhale in the pump. When the filtrate is blown dry, the precipitated solute particles are retained in the pump.


2) improper selection of filter paper or careless puncture when placing filter paper, resulting in partial filter paper fiber or filtrate being sucked into the pump.


3) when the vacuum hose is placed on the test stand, the diaphragm pump is not closed, and the dust and impurities on the table surface are accidentally inhaled.


These problems can be avoided by increasing the diaphragm pump protection filter.


The protective filter can block most of the particles. When the protective filter is found to be discolouration or the vacuum is insufficient, the protective filter can be replaced at this time.