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  • 微型隔膜泵与微型柱塞泵性能的有哪些不同
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     微型隔膜泵其设计是在微型柱塞泵基础上得到了更大的改进,原理为用电动机带动活塞往复工作(注意,活塞并不直接接触涂料),再推动隔膜运动,将涂料吸收加压后推出,通过喷嘴喷向涂装物体,由于其活塞在防磨损的油中工作,工作环境大大优化,寿命大大提高,经过掺透硬化处理的活塞更是不易损坏,加上高分子材料制成的高抗绞隔膜更使 微型隔膜泵寿命进一步提高。运行可靠是隔膜泵的又一长处,故障率极底,对电压要求底,对环境要求底,维修容易,维修费用仅为柱塞泵的五分之一左右。




微型隔膜泵采用Prime Booster TM系统能在数秒内重新启动并装料,解决了无气喷涂机初始吸料困难的技术难题,创新的DAP IV 入口阀设计大大降低了阀门被涂料粘住的可能,加上大功率的电动马达与坚固的一次成型外壳,微型隔膜泵可以胜任各种短工期高任务量的施工作业。



The design of the micro diaphragm pump is designed on the basis of a micro plunger pump. The principle is to drive the piston to the reciprocating work with the motor (attention, the piston does not contact the paint directly), and then the diaphragm movement is pushed, the coating is pushed out under pressure, and the object is sprayed through the nozzle, because the piston is anti wear oil. In the middle work, the working environment is greatly optimized and the life span is greatly improved. The piston is not easily damaged through the hardened and hardened pistons, and the high resistance diaphragm made of high polymer material makes the life of the micro diaphragm pump further improved. Reliable operation is another length of the diaphragm pump, the failure rate is very bottom, the voltage is required, the environment is required, the maintenance is easy, and the maintenance cost is only about 1/5 of the plunger pump.

The performance of the micro diaphragm pump is excellent, and its excellent performance price ratio will promote the promotion of diaphragm pumps.

The micro diaphragm pump uses Prime Booster TM system to reboot and load in a few seconds. It solves the technical problem of the difficulty of the initial material absorbing of the airless spraying machine. The innovative DAP IV inlet valve design greatly reduces the possibility of the valve to be stuck by the coating, plus the high power electric motor and the solid first molding case, the miniature diaphragm pump Can be competent for all kinds of short term and high task of construction work.

Nozzle is another important factor affecting the quality of painting. Its quality evaluation is wear resistance, atomization is uniform, the micro diaphragm pump produced by our company are made of hard alloy, wear resistance, high quality of coating, relatively cheap price, and make diaphragm pump bright and bright.