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  • 微型水泵流量怎么控制
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Student question] how can the flow of micro water pump be adjusted?

[answer] many users in the use of micro water pumps, because the flow of water pumps is too large, need to adjust the flow, before all by the way of reducing voltage or adding valves to adjust, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the use.

Micro pump is a water and gas dual use pump, it is the WKY series of upgrading products, in addition to better performance, longer life, the largest feature of this series: the flow of adjustable water pumps! Some of its advantages are as follows:

1. with brushless motor, long life, low interference. It can run continuously day and night; it does not interfere with the surrounding electronic components, and does not pollute the power supply.

2., it can directly pump and draw air. It is a water and gas dual purpose pump. It can suck itself and turn dry.

3. in order to be more simple and convenient, it can be used with the pump speed box of new Shicheng company. The wiring of the pump motor is inserted directly on the speed regulating box. It can change the motor speed and change the flow of the micro pump by rotating the button on the rotating speed control box.

4. the motor speed feedback signal. It can be seen that the operation state of the pump facilitates the realization of closed loop control and makes the system more intelligent.

5. has overheating protection, overload protection: for example, accidental conditions may cause abnormal increase of pump motor temperature, micro pump will automatically protect the shutdown, avoid motor burning; if foreign objects fall into the motor, it may die, the pump will also automatically protect the shutdown to avoid motor burning;

6. maintenance free, no oil, no pollution of the working medium.

The above contents are compiled according to the problems encountered by the trainees in actual work, for reference. If there are any problems, please communicate with them in time.