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  • 微型水泵怎么实现抽排水口的切换?
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Customers often refer to the "margin" brand micro pump, can it realize the switch of the drainage outlet? We first briefly describe the customer's working condition, and the customer needs to change direction of the flow direction in the pipeline. For example, in the same line, it is hoped that the cycle is pumping and the next cycle is drainage.

For example, "margin" micro pump ASP5540, micro pump itself does not have this function, but you can add a two bit four way solenoid valve to switch. If you need to switch between drains and drains, it can be achieved by adding a two bit four way solenoid valve.

Also some customers think of the micro pump motor, positive and negative connection, so that this can achieve the pumping, drain the direction of the switch, this is not feasible. Because of the "new sincerity" micro pump, the pump motor can not be reversed. The positive pole can only be connected to the positive pole, and the negative electrode can only be connected to the negative pole. Customers can make use of the above micro pump pumping and drainage switch scheme, combined with two position four way solenoid valve, to achieve the purpose of switching between pumping and drainage.

The edge of the self suction pump, the opening flow of 4L/min, the maximum pressure of 5.5 kg. It combines the advantages of self priming pump and chemical pump, and uses a variety of imported materials with corrosion resistance to synthesize weak acid, weak alkali resistance and weak corrosion resistance. The micro pump ASP5540, the pump body and the motor separation, the working medium does not contact with the motor, to avoid similar centrifugal pumps and other pumps used for a long time, because the liquid into the motor damage. The DC micro pump ASP5540 has a stable self suction function, the maximum self suction height can reach 0.7 meters, the self suction speed is fast and the flow rate is large. Exquisite workmanship, small size, light weight, stable performance and easy installation.