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  • 小小微型气泵一分钟充好床垫
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Recently, a multifunctional micro air pump on a platform attracted many netizens' attention. The volume of this multi-functional miniature air pump is only the size of Coca-Cola can, mainly used for home and outdoor inflatable products, can be quickly inflated or pumped, powerful.

和一般气泵相比, MAX PUMP微型气泵的功率在同等类型的电动直流式气泵中是最大的,在内部的结构包括电机,风叶,流体造型等方面,均达到了很高的水平。

Compared with the general air pump, the power of MAX PUMP miniature air pump is the largest in the same type of electric direct current air pump, and its internal structure including motor, blade, fluid modeling, etc. has reached a very high level.


在便携性方面,MAX PUMP微型气泵只有可乐罐大小,而且无需连线,其内部大功率锂电池供电系统使用户可以随时随地使用。

In terms of portability, the MAX PUMP miniature air pump is only the size of a Coca-Cola can and does not require wiring. Its internal high-power lithium battery power supply system allows users to use it anytime, anywhere.

目前,这款MAX PUMP微型气泵在该平台上的众筹单价为15美元(约合人民币100元)。

Currently, the MAX PUMP micro air pump on the platform is priced at $15 (about 100 yuan).


The types of micro air pumps have been constantly updated, if you have a demand for micro air pumps, you can contact us to follow the intelligent technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. consulting order! I believe that more novel and fun micro air pump products are waiting for you!