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  • 微型水泵的应用
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Water pumps are not new to everyone. There are common water pumps. But many places in our life have been applied to water pumps, but they are smaller, collectively referred to as micro pumps. Micro water pump has brought us many conveniences in our production and life. Today, let's take a look at the application of micro water pump.

Precautions for selection of micro water pump:

(1) When selecting the type, it is necessary to give the use environment: for example, continuous working time, water temperature, medium, etc. if the pump power is more than 30W, it is not suitable for continuous working at water temperature above 60 ℃ for a long time. Please communicate with the professionals to select the most appropriate pump model!

(2) The above current is the opening current of the water pump, that is, the current when the water pump is directly put into the water without connecting any system, and the maximum current of the water pump. When the water pump is connected to the system, the working current of the water pump will be reduced to 70% - 85% of the maximum load current.

(3) The head of the pump is the maximum delivery height, that is, the flow to the maximum head point is zero.

(4) The flow of water pump is horizontal flow, that is, the flow of horizontal pumping.

Application field of micro water pump:

Electric vehicle cooling system, automatic equipment water cycle, water refrigeration and other electrical appliances, water dispenser, bathroom products, paper shredder, soilless cultivation, water heating mattress, air conditioning pumping, aquarium aquarium, foot bath, water heating mattress, water heater, computer water cooling, water cooling fan, medical equipment, pharmaceutical system, chemical industry, circulation system, cooling and cooling system, refrigeration system, water cooling air conditioning, water Cold fan, mobile shower, solar fountain, solar energy circulation system, home pressurization system, villa water supply system, small irrigation system, water treatment system, small water supply system, automobile circulation system, automobile heating system, machine tool, household appliances, kitchen appliances, sanitary products, hot water circulation system.

In fact, micro water pump is everywhere around us. Its development makes our life colorful. Yuanxun is specialized in making micro water pump, which has been widely used in various industries. A variety of new water pumps are also constantly developed. A good water pump will bring you great convenience.